Dress Tips to Instantly Look Younger


Brighten up your color palette

Darker shades tend to be more conservative and give off the message of a more authoritative, polished feel, which isn’t bad but can age you as it takes away your sense of approach. On the other hand, lighter and brighter shades make you look more open and fun, which makes you look younger. Wearing brightly colored accessories like scarves, necklaces, and brooches close to your face is a particularly effective way to highlight your features and give yourself a fresh face.


Don’t stick to crewnecks

If you spent your younger years in higher necklines, your chest won’t be affected by the sun, which means you won’t suffer the damage that sunbathers can cause. Choose tops that reveal your cleavage to show off a stain that shows little aging. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those women who haven’t been damaged by the sun, you won’t have wrinkles there. When you choose to show this, you will win the war on aging.


Add some height

As you get older, you might go from a “pain is beauty” mindset to wanting more comfort in your clothes. No need to swing in stilettos, especially if your balance isn’t what it used to be, but don’t ban all your heels just yet. Wearing heels is always age-appropriate. The perfect level of style is when there’s a little bit of coziness in there. Replace your five-inch pumps with kitten heels, platform shoes, or wedges so you can wear heels painlessly.


Simplify your accessories

Be picky when deciding which to show each day. Instead of stacking bracelets and necklaces, remove a few pieces before you leave your home. While the older generations are big fans of jewelry and watches, today’s youth is generally very minimalist. You can continue to wear all your favorite pieces, with a more youthful touch.


Find the right balance between loose and polished

Structured two-piece sets and other bespoke pieces look polished, but this sophisticated look can also come across as more aging. Go for pieces that fall a bit off the shoulder or have a longer, asymmetrical silhouette to shave off your look for years. If it’s a bit oversized it can read as a bit more casual and doesn’t hug the body the same way, so it has that message of a younger feel. Don’t cross the line too far: Loose jeans and sweatpants will engulf your entire body. Find oversized pieces with clean lines, avoiding embellishments or details, to look younger while remaining age-appropriate.


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